Mediation Services

Tom Harper

Employment Law Mediator

Tom Harper is a Florida Supreme Court Certified, Circuit Civil and Appellate Mediator. As a Board Certified Labor and Employment lawyer, he is uniquely qualified to mediate employment-related disputes. Mr. Harper is one of the few Supreme Court Certified Mediators who is also Board Certified in Labor and Employment law in the Jacksonville area and the surrounding 21 counties of north Florida. He is an Approved Mediator for all Florida Circuit Courts and for the U.S. District Courts for the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts of Florida. Mr. Harper has participated in over 200 employment-related mediations. He is a Panel Member of the Jacksonville Mediation Center (

Mr. Harper has also received training in, and is a student of, Biblical conflict resolution. Jesus outlined a radically different way to resolve disputes than those followed by our society.  Mr. Harper has successfully mediated disputes between church members using the conflict resolution principles contained in the New Testament.

Mr. Harper is “av” rated by Martindale Hubble and has 30 years of experience as a labor relations and employment law attorney. He has tried employment cases before juries in each of the federal district courts of Florida. He has litigation experience in a wide variety and large number of cases, including numerous jury and non-jury trials before federal and state courts and administrative agencies. Mr. Harper has also served as an expert witness on attorneys’ fees in federal court in employment cases. He also brings experience as having represented both employees and employers. This background and experience makes Mr. Harper uniquely qualified to serve as a neutral in workplace disputes.

Mediation Programs

More and more, parties are recognizing the cost-prohibitive nature of traditional litigation.  One result of this is the emergence of Mediation as a viable tool to be used not only to end litigation, but to avoid it altogether.  Employers are happy to learn how much more efficient and inexpensive Mediation is when compared to traditional litigation.

As a Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, Tom Harper is not only able to mediate any civil dispute that may arise in your company, he is also uniquely-suited to assist in setting up mediation programs  which could help protect your company from being hailed into court in the first place.