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1. Disaster Preparation Checklist and Business Continuity Plan:

Every Florida Business needs to be prepared for hurricane season and other possible disasters. The first step is to develop your company’s written business disaster plan. This 50+ page checklist with attachments will walk you through the entire process of evaluating your company for potential disasters and the development of a written plan that your company can follow to prepare for and deal with an unexpected emergency/disaster. Be Prepared, rather than sorry!

Price: $150.00

2. Model Sexual Harassment Policy:

A model sexual harassment policy for all Florida employers to use to comply with Florida Law. The Florida courts have held that an Affirmative Defense is available to a Florida employer who implements and publicizes an harassment policy. (A Spanish version is also available at the same price.) This policy is available in print and electronic version.

Price: $20.00

3. Family Medical Leave Act Packet for Employees and Supervisors

This packet contains all that a company needs for compliance with the FMLA. In addition to a model FMLA policy you will have instructions for supervisors, leave of absence request forms, employee notices, the U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet, medical certification forms and return to work forms.

Price: $65.00

4. Smoking Policy:

A model policy for Florida Employers to use to comply with Florida’s Clean Indoor Air Act.
Price: $30.00

5. Wage Hour Self-Audit for Employers:
This 30 page outline will work you through auditing your company for wage hour, overtime, minimum wage and exempt status violations.

Price: $30.00

6. Supervisor Training Handbook: Managing Within The Law

This supervisor training notebook is from Managing within the Law, a five hour training program presented by Mr. Harper. This 75 page+ handbook includes lists of Florida’s Protected Classes, employment-at-will, Florida’s special employment laws, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, family medical leave, documentation, hiring/interviewing rules, suggested questions to use in job interviews and more.

Price: $50.00

7. Employment Application:

A Model Employment Application for Florida employers. Florida has a negligent hiring law that protects employers if they take certain steps in the hiring process. One of those steps is to get a good employment application and have it completed in full by all applicants. This application includes the Florida negligent hiring law requirements and the releases that you need to conduct background checks on applicants. (A Spanish version is available for the same price.) A medical History Questionnaire is also available for employers to use.

Price $12.50

A Spanish version is available for the same price.
Price $12.50

8. Medical History Questionnaire:

A Medical History Questionnaire for use in the hiring process by all Florida employers. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, after an offer of employment has been made, an employer can take steps to get medical information on applicants. This questionnaire is also important to preserve your company’s rights under the workers’ compensation law.

Price $12.50

A Spanish version is available for the same price.
Price $12.50

9. Jury Verdicts in Employment Cases in Florida:

Over the years our lawyers have monitored and documented verdicts in employment law cases. This is a useful tool in assessing the value of your case. This list includes 30 pages of employment law verdicts from Florida including the date of trial, the court and location, the parties involved, the lawyers involved and the verdict.

Price: $20.00

10. Florida Workers’ Compensation Drug Testing Compliance Kit: (4th Edition)

For Florida private sector employers to comply with the drug testing requirements of the division of workers’ compensation. This comprehensive kit includes policies and handouts for applicants, supervisors and employees together with all of the rules for the Agency for Healthcare Administration and the approved laboratories.

Price: $160.00

11. A Human Resource Audit for the Service Industry: (Intermediate level)

This 100+ page Audit/Checklist is designed to be used by Human Resource Departments in the Service Industry to review policies and procedures for compliance with laws, avoidance of legal problems and good HR practices. Use this as a “road map” for a “check-up” as to how HR is performing at your business. It will also serve as a guide to improving Human Resources at your company. The Audit includes the following areas: The Hiring Process, Interviewing Applicants, Testing Applicants, Physical and Medical Examinations, Checklist of Independent Contractor or Employee Status, Employee Handbooks, Personnel Policies and Procedures, Work Rules and Discipline, Discharge and Layoff, Conduction Investigations, Leaves of Absence, COBRA, Military Leaves of Absence, Wage Hour Compliance, Affirmative Action, OSHA/Safety Compliance, Training, Information on Employees and Recordkeeping, Postings, Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, Employee Communications, Policies and Practices to Remain Union-Free.

Price $250.00

12. The Florida Employment Law Letter:

The Florida Employment Law Letter is a monthly, eight-page newsletter of employment law developments in Florida. Tom Harper with Harper Gerlach has practiced employment law for thirty-one years. Each month, Mr. Harper reviews dozens of court and governmental agency decisions from across Florida and selects those rulings and developments that affect Human Resources. Mr. Harper then summarizes these developments in an easy-to-read format.
For more information on the newsletter and subscription benefits contact M. Lee Smith Publishers at (800) 274-6774 or go to HRhero.com.

13. A Company Policy on Business Ethics:

This 10 page model policy is one that your company should consider for all sales and managerial employees. In todays high-pressure environment, legislation passed as a result of Enron and other business scandals makes this policy necessary for every employer. Use the entire policy or just select what you like!

Price $30.00

14. Florida and Federal Recordkeeping Chart

Does your company have a record retention policy? Do you ever wonder how long you are required to keep personnel records? We have too. That’s why we developed a Florida and Federal Recordkeeping Chart. This easy to follow chart lists our employment laws, the documents you are required to keep and for how long. This packet also includes a model record retention policy to use in finalizing your own policy. Make sure you keep what is required, but not those documents that could cause problems.

This product also includes Reporting and Disclosure Guide for Employee Benefit Plans published by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Price $30.00

15. A Supervisors’ Guide to Discipline

Most employment lawsuits originate from the actions of a frontline supervisor. This plain speaking guide is designed to help supervisors understand the importance of consistency in discipline and the importance of document ation. Do you ever feel like your supervisors don’t understand how to administer discipline? This guide contains an explanation of the use of progressive discipline, model rules and other guides for supervisors. Does your company struggle with consistency? Are attendance and other rules enforced evenly through out all departments? This pamphlet will help. Some companies have used this pamphlet to hold a supervisory meeting and training program on discipline.

Price $30.00 (available in bulk, quantities 20 or more for $5.00 per copy)

16. How to Conduct Investigations in the Work Place

In today’s litigious environment, human resources and the legal department are expected to conduct investigations of employee theft, sexual harassment, ethics violations and internal and external activities. Investigations need to be done properly if they are to help the company withstand litigation and lead to the right decisions. Today, investigations often preceed employee discharge. This pamphlet is a guide to use in conducting any type of workplace investigation.

Price $40.00

17. Suggested Interview Questions for Managers and Supervisors
Price $20.00

18. A COBRA Primer

This handy overview of the COBRA requirements for employers was developed for a recent seminar at Baptist Hospital. Are you unclear as to whether your company is covered? Do you wonder what the requirements are for COBRA? Topics include: qualifying events, notice requirements, electronic delivery of notices, election rights for employees, cutting-off coverage and COBRA’s interaction with other laws. Also included is an overview of enforcement procedures and recent COBRA litigation. This packet also includes An Employee’s Guide to Health Benefits under COBRA published by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Price $30.00

19. The Fair Credit Reporting Act – A Guide For Employers

Includes an overview of the FCRA requirements for employers, sample release agreements for applicants and employees to sign, the required notice to employees before investigatory and credit reports are conducted, and a model letter to use with applicants advising that they are not being hired due to the information revealed in a credit report.

Price $50.00

20. Domestic Violence Law Model Policy
These materials will allow your company to comply with Florida’s new law requiring leaves of absence for victims of domestic violence. The new law was passed on July 1, 2007 and applies to employers with 50 or more employees. These materials include a summary of the new law, a Model Domestic Leave Policy to use in preparing your company’s policy and a copy of the law as passed by the Florida Legislature.

Price: $40.00

21. 12 Common Mistakes by Employers with Huge Employment Law Implications
This 30 page booklet will help you avoid the most common problems that lead to employment lawsuits. Learn from the experts, don’t make costly mistakes! It includes an overview of Florida’s protected classes (to avoid lawsuits) and an overview of Florida Employment Laws.

Price: $30.00

22.Union Avoidance: Recent Techniques & Trends in Union Organizing
This 94 page workbook was used by Harper Gerlach in a recent, day-long workshop for Florida employers. This book includes the Union Avoidance course outline (30 pages), NLRB letters, notices and forms used in Representation (union organizing) and Unfair Labor Practice cases, “Why Employees Sign Union Authorization Cards?,” “What Employees Really Want In the Workplace” and “A Checklist to Remain Union Free.” 94 pages total

Price: $50.00